Financial Assistance.

The dream of studying overseas can be thought of as far fetched by many potential students. It is clear to see why as there are many college programs which can be expensive and beyond the reach of some applicants. Tenn-K Consultants has taken great steps in its approach to assist students to secure funding through our financial partner institutions. Many students so far have benefited from this initiative.

Here is how the fund works:

If you are seeking funding or financial sponsorship for your education you must already have a Letter of Acceptance from one of our designated overseas colleges. Once we have assisted you in your college placement and you have received your Letter of Acceptance through us you must ensure that you have at least paid your first semester tuition fee to the college.

You can decide how much money you would like to borrow at this point towards the rest of your tuition or accommodation. Some financial institutions have restrictions on how much you can borrow and may also have different ways of allocating the funds. Some financial institutions have different loan systems in place for which there are certain criteria to be met by students and their guarantor.

For all loan applications you must have at least 2 eligible guarantors who are either currently employed or self-employed. You will be required to show proof that your guarantors meet the criteria set by the financial institutions.

Contact us to make an appointment for further information on how you and your guarantors can qualify for a loan or financial sponsorship. Financial Sponsorship under the Student Fund can range anywhere from US $5000 to US $10,000. Please note that conditions will apply.

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