Get Prepared for IELTS.
Get Prepared for IELTS

Get Prepared

Get prepared to sit the IELTS Exam. KBC Learning is an independent learning center based in Kingston, Jamaica. They offer individualized internet based educational programs from K-12, academic assessments, tutoring and IELTS test preparation for work/study abroad. To date, 100% of their students achieved improvements in their Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking scores! KBC Learning is committed to the success of all their students and work tirelessly to ensure personal goals are met.

Below is an IELTS course date package, based on the UWI exam dates for 2017.

March 27-April 25
Mon/Weds: 4pm-7pm
Week of April 17 Tue/Weds (Easter)
Week of April 25 Mon/Tue (shared week with next course)

April 26-May 23
Mon/Weds: 4pm-7pm
Week of April 26 Weds/Thurs (shared week with first course)
Week of May 23 Mon/Tue (exam on Thurs May 25)

July 18-Aug 17
Tue/Thurs: 4pm-7pm

Aug 21-Sept 19
Mon/Tue: 4pm-7pm

Oct 17-Nov 16
Tue/Thurs: 4pm-7pm

J$60,000 for 5 weeks/30 hours, which includes 2 practice tests (Listening, reading, writing)
Individual Speaking Tests are an additional J$3000.00 and must be made by appointment.

Tenn-K clients will get a discount by enrolling through Tenn-K directly.

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to make contact.