Montesorri Teacher Training

Dear Teachers,

We are very excited to bring you this good news coming out of Canada.

If you would like to train in Canada or the USA as a specialist teacher or teaching assistant under the Montessori Education system then this is a mega opportunity for you to become a internationally qualified teacher. There is also a practicum component of the training for which you will be required to do. (What is Montessori Education?)

Benefits of studying in Canada

While training you can do part- time paid work of up to 20 hours per week (as long as you can find time outside of your training hours).
You are also allowed to work full time once school is out of session on holidays and can work as many hours as you like. You can work for any Canadian Employer.
If you choose to be trained for 12 months you can work for 12 months after graduation within a Montessori School as a specialist teacher or if you trained for 24 months you could work for up to 3 years after graduation and could also apply for permanent residence in Canada.
Take your spouse or common law partner with you to Canada while you study. Your partner can gain an open work permit to work full time with any Canadian Employer while you are studying and the partner can work the entire length of time you are there studying.

We offer a Career Plan Package that includes:

Study placement
Immigration processing
Work placement assistance (once in Canada)
immigration and settlement (permanent residence) should you desire to go this route.
Please Note:
There is limited space available for college intake for this training program as not many schools in Canada offer it and so in order for you to secure your seat you must begin your application now before end of year in order be in line for an acceptance letter for September 2016. The program is in high demand and there is a great Montessori Teacher shortage in Canada and across the world.

We are now OPEN for registration and college applications.

Our registration fee is JA$6500 and college placement assistance fee is US $350.

We are operating based on a “first come first serve” basis due to seating limitations.
If you are interested to proceed with your application right away kindly send us an email requesting payment and program profile information at

There is no deadline for payment of registration or college placement assistance fee as once we have reached capacity we will close the registration process.

You may call for further information in order to accelerate the information process at 632- 8916-7 or 465-0005.

We look forward to serving you.

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