Scholarships & Grants




JOHN CASABLANCAS INTSTITUTE SCHOLARSHIPS                                                                                               

HOME STRETCH Apply for this scholarship if you are currently in high school and you have a 70% or higher GPA on your Grade 12 January report card (or the equivalent).
GRAD GRADES This scholarship is for high school grads who achieved a GPA of 70% or higher.
BEAUTY BRAINIAC A scholarship for those who already have a diploma in either Hair, Nails, Esthetics, Makeup or Fashion from a different school and will be attending JCI.
EDUCATION EXPERT Apply for this scholarship if you already have a degree.
IN THE BIZ You are eligible for this scholarship if you have at least 6 months of experience from a fashion or beauty retailer. A confirmation letter from current/former employer is required.

Each scholarship has a value of $500CDN. Students may apply for up to two scholarships ($1000CDN total).

Contact for details as to how to apply for scholarships or grants.