Trailer Driving Class A Program.
Trailer Driving Class A Program

Trailer Driving Class 1 A Program

The Trailer Driver Training Program is a program that helps truck and trailer drivers train and prepare for driving exams in certain provinces in Canada with Government approved trucking schools in order to gain their CLASS 1A Canadian License. Drivers for this course must first sit a Class 5 or G class exam before moving on to the Class 1A training program. The course is for 6 weeks and drivers are provided with vehicles for training and for the practical exam. Drivers must be computer literate in order to complete computer base exams.

If you are not a truck or trailer driver but you have been driving a bus or small trucks as an occupation you may apply to this program. Once you have gained your class 1A License our Canadian Training School or immigration law firm will assist you in the employment process by providing you the opportunity to interview with a potential employer who may be seeking to hire trailer drivers for long term employment.

The cost for the course is CA$10, 500. You will receive training in various areas of trailer driving and special skills required to drive during winter months. and transportation of certain high risk cargo.

This program may lead to the Saskatchewan Immigration Nominee Program or other provincial Nominee Programs across Canada which may allow you to gain Provincial Nomination after working in the first 6 months in Canada. You may take family members to join you once you have gained nomination.

Please note that it is up to you to gain your Class 1 A License and that we cannot guarantee that you will pass your driving exams. Only you can guarantee yourself this outcome.