Living and Working in Canada

Millions of persons try to obtain employment opportunities in Canada every year because of the economic and lifestyle benefit this great country offers. Over the last 6 years, we have worked with our Canadian partners to help employers identify and hire quality workers. Our applicants gain many benefits from these programs which in most cases include permanent residence opportunities. We provide assistance to employers and workers with the LMIA, work permit, and visa application process. Our partnership with Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultants simplifies the process and brings excellent results.

We also partner with locally licensed recruitment partners located within the Caribbean, Asia, and Africa. These partners play a very big part of the worker recruitment and pre-screening process. They also ensure that the process required for international placement is carried out through the country’s Labor Ministry.

Our Canadian employers are usually in sectors such as hospitality,  construction,  healthcare, Call Center Services, marketing, trucking, and logistics because these markets are in high demand for workers. We also assist Trade workers in gaining Canadian employment and Red Seal Endorsement through special exam preparation program. Applicants participate in a 5-Week course and challenge the Red Seal Exam in Canada.

If you are a company seeking international workers contact

If you are a worker seeking opportunities in Canada please write to and we will match you to one of our recruitment consultants.