Study in Canada

Program Summary

Our program allows individuals to gain both expert knowledge and valuable work experience in countries that have highly reputable education systems, that are recognized worldwide and which they can readily apply in a professional setting. There are many benefits available to you when you choose to study in Canada.

Program Benefits
● Work while you study.
● Work full time during scheduled school breaks.
● You have the opportunity to apply to work after you have graduated (up to 3 years).
● Have your family join you.
● Have your spouse work while you study.
● The opportunity to apply for permanent residence.

Minimum Program Requirements
● Age: 18-years or older
● High school certificate
● Must have a passport prior to submission to the Canadian institution


● A wide variety of colleges and universities to choose from
● A pre-enrolment assessment to determine which school matches your study goals and financial status.
● Assistance with college placement.
● Assistance with housing placement. (conditions apply)
● Payment plans/options for tuition and program fees. (conditions apply)
● A guide as to how to obtain financial assistance including scholarships and sponsorship.
● A guide as to how to make the best of studying in Canada or the USA.
● Assistance with job opportunities once the participant arrives in Canada. (conditions apply)
● Over 200 institutions and 15,000 courses to choose from.
Program Processing Time
College Placement after Application Submission – 1-3 months (45 Days on Average)
Study Permit Application Processing – 3-8 Weeks

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