Work in Australia

Program Duration: 12 months to 2 years

The Australian General Farm work program is usually with livestock, crop, farm equipment, machinery or infrastructure.

General Farm work gives an opportunity to be part of Australian Country life living and working closely day to day with Australian Farmers, often as a general assistant. You will need to be motivated, willing to learn and apply yourself and able to cope with some challenges. This type of farm work can be great fun, but it can be challenging too. 

These are usually high value items so farmers are looking for responsible workers who are willing to apply themselves, work hard and learn fast. You do not need previous skill or experience, but it helps.
(These types of work are quite different to fruit picking and normally requires a different mindset and way of working) 
You can expect:

  • A choice of jobs with known and trusted employers
  • Job offers suited to your skills and experience
  • Training that that gives you skills and awareness to prepare you for Australian farm work
  • Training from experienced farmer/trainers, setting your expectations
  • Full back up and support

The vacancies available to you through our Australian Partner’s Employer Network give you access to a choice of jobs with KNOWN AND TRUSTED Employers.  Our team and our Australian partners will provide full back up and support throughout your program, whenever you need it, to ensure that you achieve your aims in the safest easiest way.

Our program comes with an optional WELCOME service that will set you up for work and give you a fun few days in the beach resort of Noosa.
The TRAINING COURSE will give you a general introduction to Australian Farm life and prepare you for the practical tasks ahead.
Our partner’s SUPPORT service will be there in the background throughout your program, providing further jobs if required when you need them.

Potential roles include:
Cattle stations, sheep stations, broadacre arable farming
Livestock work (cattle, sheep).
Feeding, watering, husbandry
Vehicle and property maintenance, fencing
Regular use of 2 wheel dirtbikes, quad bikes
Tractors and other large machinery (graders, dozers, headers, operation with various implements)
Harvest and sowing, ground preparation
Irrigation and water checking
Sheep shearing
Fencing, spraying, weed control
Speciality crops – e.g cotton, fruit orchards, and nut orchards
Horticultural production

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